Jazmin Patterson Jazmin joined Graham Legal on 29 October 2018 as our Junior Clerical Assistant.

Jazmin works with all of our team members providing us with an extra pair of hands to more efficiently complete the work needed to satisfy our clients' needs.

Jazmin was so eager to join the full-time workforce that she applied to join Graham Legal two weeks before celebrating her valedictory night as a VCE Year 12 graduate of Salesian College, Rupertswood.

Graham Legal appealed to Jazmin as a good place to begin her career. Jazmin was attracted to Graham Legal because it provided her with the perfect opportunity to take her place within a small team who have accepted her and provided training and assistance in learning her role within the Graham Legal team.

Jazmin came to Graham Legal with pre-existing skills in customer service and office administration having worked in a number of rolls during her period of secondary education. Jazmin provided particular assistance in her family's own business enabling her to develop skills that she is already developing further in her time at Graham Legal.

Jazmin is presently working, for the most part, behind the scenes. Her role will grow as her experience and skills continue to develop. Jazmin has already proven to be a determined hardworking young lady. Our clients are already noticing her friendly manner and her awareness that the many tasks she performs are required to be performed swiftly and to the highest quality.