Valentina Jakovac

Valentina Jakovac Val is a senior Law Clerk with Graham Legal and has extensive experience and continuing involvement in all areas of our legal practice.

Val first began working as a clerk with our firm on the 27th November, 1997.

Starting then in a junior capacity, Val soon found herself having been thrown in the deep end when an illness forced our then Law Clerk to relocate to our former Sunshine Office.

However, Val had already warmed our hearts and Poly Kiosses, then working as a lawyer in our company, took Val under her wing training her to become the meticulously proficient yet friendly Law Clerk that she has now become.

Val has primary responsibility for management of our conveyancing practice. Val also has extensive experience in all areas of our legal practice and provides invaluable assistance to Phillip and his clients in all kinds of litigation matters. Val never takes risks. If a question of law arises in connection with any of her files, Val immediately raises it with Phillip.

Val has an extraordinary record of appreciation from clients who cannot speak highly enough of her hard work and efficiency. It is no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of glowing testimonials received from Graham Legal clients name Val as the subject for praise (see link).

Val is a credit to her family, a tireless worker and has a keen and continuing interest in developing her professional skills and knowledge.

Most Valuable Player

Val undoubtedly wears the Graham Legal most valuable player crown (notwithstanding that she barracks for Collingwood).