Family Law

Family Law Throughout his career Phillip Graham has practised extensively in family law.

Phillip is a member of the Family Law Sections of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Council of Australia. Phillip is well known and respected by a number of Barristers and other legal firms having established a reputation for his honest, thorough and competent client representation.

Phillip's clients have written to us praising his compassionate but firm approach and his dedication to getting the job done to achieve the best possible client outcome. In most instances a responsible and non-confrontational approach to negotiation will result in an "out of court" settlement with minimal cost and stress. When a contested Court proceeding is inevitable, Phillip draws upon his wealth of experience to pursue his client's rights.

Conferences between solicitor and client in family law matters are often lengthy. Clients have much information to provide and many questions to ask and answer. Phillip gives comprehensive advice. Phillip's advanced knowledge of and use of technology enables him to promptly provide comprehensive written confirmation of his client's instructions and of the advice he has given.

It is not uncommon, particularly for clients who are stressed and upset, for clients to forget some or all the advice given to them in face-to-face conferences. Phillip's clients appreciate the comprehensive File Note extracts that are sent to them following these important meetings.

For his property settlement cases Phillip utilises an excel spreadsheet of his own creation that operates as a work-in-progress tool for the adjustment of property interests as valuations are revised and asset and liability information becomes available. Similar spreadsheets are used with respect to the adjustment of superannuation interests according to the two main approaches recognised by the Family Court as appropriate in different cases.

These spreadsheets are valuable documents for clients as they represent simple and easy to follow calculations of what can be a complex property adjustment.

Graham Legal

Graham Legal acts for clients who require advice or representation in disputes involving family law. The merit of each case has to be considered against its own facts. The costs of the process will vary from case to case.

Clients are invited to make an initial appointment for a face-to-face conference. Clients should bring to the appointment all relevant documents. The first 30 minutes of such an appointment are provided free of charge and without obligation. During this time Phillip will give advice as to the merits of the client's claim and as to the costs the client is likely to incur if instructions to act are received.